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By | July 2, 2017
No news is good news.
Nessuna nuova, buona nuova.
- English proverb
✓ We're still waiting for news on his condition.
✗ We're still waiting for *notice* on his condition.
Aspettiamo ancora notizie sulle sue condizioni.
News is information about a recently changed situation or event. (The word news, like information, is always singular and uncountable.) For example:
✓ Good news – Jane's coming out of hospital next week!
Una buona notizia – Jane sarà dimessa la settimana prossima!
News is information on television or the radio or in newspapers about events that are considered important or that people want to know about. For example:
✓ This newspaper has a good mix of domestic and international news.
Questo giornale ha un buon mix di notizie nazionali ed internazionali.
✓ I usually read the sports news first.
Di solito leggo le notizie sportive prima.
The news is a television or radio programme about these recent events:
✓ I heard it on the news this morning.
L'ho sentito al giornale radio stamattina.
The word notice has difference meanings. For example, a notice is a written announcement displayed where everyone can see it. For example:
(Sometimes a notice is similar to a sign.)
A notice is also a formal, public announcement of something that has happened or is going to happen (for example in a newspaper or magazine):
✓ I was shocked when I read the notice of his death in the newspaper.
Sono rimasto quando ho letto l'annuncio della sua morte sul giornale.
Notice is also advance warning (the equivalent term in Italian is preavviso):
✓ If you want to leave the company, you must give three months' notice in writing.
Se desideri licenziarti, devi dare tre mesi di preavviso scritto.
✓ You must give notice of the wedding at least four weeks before the day.
Devi fare le pubblicazioni del matrimonio almeno quattro settimane prima del giorno.

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