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By | February 6, 2017
a lot
Common sense is very uncommon.
Il buon senso è molto raro.
- Horace Greeley
✓ The components are very light.
✗ The components are *a lot* light.
I componenti sono molto leggeri.
We use very, not a lot, before an adjective or adverb. Some more examples:
✓ It’s very difficult to imagine. (very + adjective)
✗ It’s *a lot* difficult to imagine.
E’ molto difficile da immaginare.
✓ She speaks very quickly. (very + adverb)
✗ She speaks *a lot* quickly.
Parla molto velocemente.
We can use a lot with an adverbial function at the end of a sentence:
✓ She speaks a lot.
Parla molto.
One final note: many native speakers of English (and some students) mistakenly write *alot* instead of a lot. Here's a good example!

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