especially vs. specially

By | October 5, 2017
especially vs. specially
People are still very uncomfortable with the idea that humans are not a specially created species.
La gente trova ancora molto scomoda l'idea che gli umani non sono una specie creata appositamente.
- Greg Graffin
✓ This wine is especially good.
✗ This wine is *specially* good.
Questo vino è particolarmente buono.
Especially can mean "particularly", "in particular", "above all" or "most of all", as in the following example:
✓ I like nearly all of her songs, but especially this one.
✗ I like nearly all of her songs, but *specially* this one.
Mi piacciono quasi tutte le sue canzoni, ma soprattutto questa.
To convey the meaning "for a special purpose" or "specifically", both especially or specially can often be used. For example:
✓ I've written a little speech especially/specially for the occasion.
Ho scritto un discorsetto appositamente per l'occasione.
However, specially often "sounds" more natural when it means "for a special purpose", as in the following example:
✓ He has his shirts specially made for him.
✗ He has his shirts *especially* made for him.
Si fa fare le camicie su misura.
Specially and not especially can mean "in a special way or manner", as in the example below:
✓ I don't want to be treated specially.
✗ I don't want to be treated *especially*.
Non voglio essere trattato in modo speciale.
Note that especially is much more common than specially!

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