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By | September 1, 2017
because of
Non-drinkers say too many die because of alcohol; they always forget how many more are born because of it.
Gli astemi dicono che muoiono troppe persone per l'alcol; si dimenticano sempre quante persone in più nascono grazie ad esso.
- Anon.
✓ I couldn't understand him because of his accent.
✗ I couldn't understand him *for* his accent.
Non lo capivo per il suo accento.
When one situation or event depends or depended on another, we say that it happens or happened because of it (and not *for* it). Some more examples:
✓ The festival was called off because of the rain.
✗ The festival was called off *for* the rain.
Il festival è stato cancellato per la pioggia.
✓ I couldn't play because of a back problem.
✗ I couldn't play *for* a back problem.
Non ho potuto giocare per un problema alla schiena.

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