aptitude vs. attitude

By | May 14, 2017
aptitude vs. attitude
Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.
Il tuo atteggiamento, non la tua predisposizione, determinerà la tua altitudine.
- Zig Ziglar
Attitudes towards marriage have changed in the last few decades.
I punti di vista/Le idee nei confronti del matrimonio sono cambiati/e negli ultimi decenni.
✓ Our daughter has an aptitude for music.
Nostra figlia ha un talento naturale/una predisposizione per la musica.
A false friend. An attitude is an idea or opinion which influences someone's behaviour (for example, nowadays people often live together before marriage because attitudes to this kind of thing are different nowadays). An aptitude is a special talent for learning something quickly or doing it very well.
Another translation of attitude in Italian is atteggiamento:
✓ Always try to keep a positive attitude.
Cerca sempre di mantenere un atteggiamento positivo.
If we say that someone has an attitude, we mean that they are rude, aggressive or unhelpful.
✓ He has a real attitude - I think he needs to calm down.
Ha un atteggiamento aggressivo - penso che debba darsi una calmata.
If we say that someone has attitude, we mean that they are confident, independent and/or assertive (this can be meant in a positive or negative sense).
✓ She has real attitude - she won’t stop until she gets what she wants.
Ha un modo di fare veramente determinato/indipendente – non si fermerà finché non ottiene ciò che vuole.

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