light: ✓ light ✗ switch/turn on

By | February 27, 2017
switch/turn on
Hope is patience with the lamp lit.
La speranza è la pazienza con la lampada accesa.
- Tertullian
✓ They lit three thousand candles in memory of the victims.
✗ They *switched on* three thousand candles in memory of the victims.
Hanno acceso tremila candele in memoria delle vittime.
We switch on (and switch off) electrical and electronic devices.
We light (> lit > lit) candles, cigarettes, matches, fireworks, fires, etc. (That is, things that make a flame.)
✓ We lit a fire to keep warm.
Abbiamo acceso un fuoco per tenerci caldi.
The opposite of light in this meaning is put out.
✓ They managed to put out the fire before it spread.
Sono riusciti a spegnere l’incendio prima che si sviluppasse.

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