dot/full stop/point (comma) = punto

By | January 12, 2017
dot/full stop/point (comma) = punto
For your reference, there are three common ways to translate punto.



How we say it


www dot bbc dot co dot uk
colin at mistakes Italians make dot i t


i j

Two letters have a dot over them: i and j

full stop

This sentence has a full stop at the end.
This sentence doesn't have a full stop at the end

We use a full stop (or period in US English) at the end of a sentence.



three point five six (note: not three point *fifty-six*!).
This is called a decimal point.
(Note that in English we use a comma as the "thousands" separator, so we write ten thousand 10,000.)

We can say full stop (or period in US English) in a similar way to the Italian expression punto e basta. For example:
✓ I'm not coming, full stop!
Non vengo, punto e basta!
Note also the expression dot dot dot, which is like the Italian puntini puntini (puntini).

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