cancellare = delete (computer), cross out (pen), rub out/erase (pencil)

By | November 17, 2016
cancellare = delete (computer), cross out (pen), rub out/erase (pencil)
✓ Sorry, I deleted your number by mistake.
✗ Sorry, I *cancelled* your number by mistake.
Scusa, ho cancellato il tuo numero per sbaglio.
When a meeting, appointment or other event is impossible, we cancel it.
✓ I’m afraid I have to cancel our lesson.
Temo che devo cancellare la nostra lezione.
When we erase something from a computer’s or mobile phone’s memory, we delete it.
✓ Whatever you do, don’t delete this file!
✗ Whatever you do, don’t *cancel* this file!
Qualunque cosa tu faccia, non cancellare questo file!
When we write something wrong with a pen, we kross cross it out.
✓ If you think your answer is wrong, cross it out and write your new answer clearly next to it.
Se credi che la tua risposta sia sbagliata, cancellala e scrivi la tua nuova risposta in modo chiaro di fianco.
When we draw or write something wrong with a pencil, we rub it out or erase it, using a rubber. We also rub out what we have written on a blackboard or whiteboard.
✓ Have you all finished copying the homework from the board? Can I rub it out?
Avete finito tutti di copiare i compiti dalla lavagna? Posso cancellarlo?

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