yet: position (& still)

By | November 14, 2016
yet: position (& still)
The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.
Il web come me lo immaginavo, non l’abbiamo ancora visto. Il futuro è ancora molto più grande del passato. - Tim Berners-Lee
✓ I haven’t received the details yet.
✗ I haven’t *yet* received the details.
Non ho ancora ricevuto i dettagli.
✓ I still haven’t received the details.
✗ I haven’t *still* received the details.
Ancora non ho ricevuto i dettagli.
The adverb yet in negative sentences (and questions) usually comes at the end of the sentence, like this:
✓ He isn’t here yet.
✗ He isn’t *yet* here.
Non è ancora qua.
✓ I haven’t finished my exams yet.
✗ I haven’t *yet* finished my exams.
Non ho ancora finito i miei esami.
✓ Have you seen the new Woody Allen film yet?
Hai visto il nuovo film di Woody Allen?
The adverb still can have the same meaning as yet, but before the verb(s). It is more emphatic:
✓ I still haven’t heard from Ken. He said he’d call me on Monday, and it’s Wednesday already!
✗ I haven’t heard *still* from Ken. He said he’d call me on Monday, and it’s Wednesday already!
Ancora non ho sentito Ken. Mi ha detto che mi avrebbe chiamato lunedì, e siamo già a mercoledì!

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2 thoughts on “yet: position (& still)

  1. John

    It actually is possible to place yet after a negation:
    “She hasn’t yet set a date for her marriage.”

    It may not be as frequent but it is definitely a possibility

    1. Colin Post author

      You’re right! I hadn’t considered that, and thank you for pointing it out. To keep things simple I won’t add it as an option though 🙂


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