wait (for) vs. expect

By | October 20, 2016
wait (for) vs. expect
If you go into a relationship expecting someone else to fill you up, you’re doomed right off.
Se entri in una relazione aspettando che qualcun altro ti riempi, sei finito fin dall’inizio.
- Jennifer O’Neill
✓ I'm waiting for the bus.
✗ I'm *expecting* the bus.
Sto aspettando il pullman.
When we wait for someone or something, we stay physically in a place until they come. If we wait (no object), we wait until a situation changes, until we or someone else is ready, etc.
✓ I waited for you outside the cinema for half an hour.
Ti ho aspettato fuori dal cinema per mezz’ora.
✓ Let’s wait here until it stops raining.
Aspettiamo qua finché non smette di piovere.
When we expect someone or something, we believe that they will arrive at a specific time.
✓ Could you not use the phone this afternoon? I’m expecting an important phone call.
✗ Could you not use the phone this afternoon? I’m *waiting for* an important phone call.
Potresti non usare il telefono oggi pomeriggio? Aspetto una chiamata importante.
✓ Jane’s expecting a baby.
✗ Jane’s *waiting for* a baby.
Jane aspetta un bambino.
Note that we can also use expect to say what we believe is true, will happen, etc.
✓ I expect (that) she’ll find out sooner or later.
Immagino che lo scoprirà prima or poi.
✓ We didn’t expect him to accept.
Non credevamo che avrebbe accettato.

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