same: ✓ the same (…) as ✗ the same (…) *of/like*

By | October 12, 2016
same: the same (…) as
the same (…) of/like
You can always spot a well informed man – his views are the same as yours.
Puoi sempre riconoscere un uomo ben informato – le sue opinioni sono le stesse delle tue.
- Ilka Chase
✓ We stayed at the same hotel as last year.
✗ We stayed at the same hotel *of* last year.
Siamo stati nello stesso albergo dell’anno scorso.
The expression the same (…) as is extremely common in English. The typical mistake Italians make is to use *of* (or occasionally *like*) instead of as. Here are a few more examples:
✓ Your class is using the same book as ours.
✗ Your class is using *the same book of* ours.
✗ Your class is using *the same our book*.
La tua classe sta usando lo stesso libro del nostro.
✓ She has the same interests as me.
Ha i miei stessi interessi.
✓ Are we in the same room as last time?
Siamo nella stessa stanza dell’altra volta?
✓ I feel the same way as you.
La penso come te.
✓ Things are exactly the same as before.
Le cose sono rimaste esattamente come prima.
✓ Kath’s the same as ever – she never changes.
Kath è la stessa di sempre – non cambia mai.

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