check vs. control: ✓ check ✗ control

By | August 4, 2016
You might not have the things you want, but if you check carefully, you've got all you need.
Forse non hai le cose che vuoi, ma se controlli attentamente, hai tutto quello che ti serve.
- Mr. T
✓ We've checked all the figures one by one.
✗ We've *controlled* all the figures one by one.
Abbiamo controllato tutte le cifre una per una.
When we check something, we examine it to make sure that it is correct, complete, of good quality, etc. For example:
✓ I’ve finished the report. Could you check it for me?
✗ I’ve finished the report. Could you *control* it for me?
Ho finito la relazione. Me la puoi controllare?
When we check something, we don't do anything to it. In contrast, when we control something, we do something to it: for example, we keep it under control, we change its position, movement, direction, or in the case of organisations we use our power to make decisions about how they are managed or run. For example:
✓ As children grow, they learn to control their feelings.
Man mano che i bambini crescono, imparano a controllare le loro emozioni.
✓ The number ten controlled a very difficult ball on the edge of the penalty area, turned and shot first time.
Il numero dieci ha controllato una palla difficilissima al limite dell’area di rigore, si è girato e ha tirato al volo.
✓ The government’s attempts to control inflation have failed.
I tentativi del governo di controllare l’inflazione sono falliti.
✓ The group controls a large chain of restaurants.
Il gruppo controlla una grande catena di ristoranti.
Notice also the expressions to keep control and to lose control:
✓ Luckily I managed to keep control of the car.
Per fortuna sono riuscito a mantenere il controllo della macchina.
✓ The referee’s lost control of the situation.
L’arbitro ha perso il controllo della situazione.
Both check and control are also common as nouns.
✓ Our mechanics make over a hundred checks on all of our used vehicles.
I nostri meccanici effettuano più di cento controlli su tutti i nostri veicoli usati.
✓ Who has control of the company now?
Chi ha il controllo dell’azienda ora?

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